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2 Stellar Packages.

Learn more about what's included in each of our two extremely thorough detailing packages. 

The Foundations: For people who want a thorough detail with excellent protection from the elements.

The Works: Even more intricate, with additional months of UV/Weather Protection.

Calling it a base package wouldn't do it justice.

The Foundations Interior Package Includes:

-Shampooing of seats (if applicable)

-Shampooing of floor mats

-Thorough vacuuming from top to bottom

-Deep cleaning leather seats

-Dashboard, door panels, and all remaining interior plastics safely scrubbed clean

-Seatbelts housings cleaned

-Interior glass degreased and cleaned to a streak free finish

-Headliner spot treated, Sun visors and mirrors cleaned

-Center console and intricate areas steam cleaned

2 Simple, yet Comprehensive Packages.

The Foundations Exterior Package Includes:

-Paint safely cleansed to ensure no scratching or micro-marring

-Snow foam paint soak to loosen debris

-Wheels, tires and wheel innards scrubbed

-Fender wells degreased, scrubbed clean

-Clay bar treatment (if deemed necessary)

-Bugs safely removed

-Door jambs, including intricate hinges/hose areas cleaned, and waxed

-Ceramic Spray Sealant for ~3 months of UV/Hydrophobic Protection

-Windows cleaned to a streak-free finish

-Tires protected and properly dressed to ensure no sling (no aerosol tire shines)

-Free choice of Semi-gloss or Gloss tire dressing 

-Plastic trim dressed with UV protectant

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