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Delivering top notch attention to detail, workmanship, and extensive experience to your door. 

Extensive Experience & Perfectionistic Attention to Detail.

Every car we work on is detailed safely, effectively, and then protected against the elements. Our guarantee.


Unparalleled Results

We have years of experience delivering top-notch results. We sweat the little things: the sun visor mirrors, the inside of the gas cap,  the brake calipers and behind the wheel spokes. The culmination of little things that add up to something much greater, that give you that new car feel and sets us apart from your average detail.


Proper techniques are used on every car we do, despite being more difficult. Your car’s paint is incredibly thin and fragile, about the thickness of 4 sheets of paper. Taking shortcuts jeopardizes the integrity of your car’s paint, scratching it in the process. Where others cut costs on the products they use, we never do. Cheap soaps don’t provide sufficient lubrication during the wash, generic interior cleaners degrade interior plastics, and low cost waxes don’t last long or gloss well. 

Proper Techniques + Products

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Car Care You Can Trust

Having been trained by one of the world's best detailers, worked on 1,200 cars, comprehensive insurance and a flawless reputation, you can rest assured your car is in expert hands.

2 Comprehensive, Easy to Understand Packages.

Rather than dozens of complicated packages with countless permutations and surcharges, we've made it simple. For industry leading detailing with 2-3 months of protection, The Works is for you. For those who want perfected paint, The Preservation Detail has you covered. 



Package from $329



Package from $1099

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Add to the Base Packages



From $19,500

Mobile for your Convenience.

Detailing in Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia.


Getting your car detailed should be a stress free experience. It should be something you look forward to, and that means a seamless experience from the initial inquiry to the final reveal.

Access to an electricity outlet and a spigot is preferable, but not required. Feel free to contact us with questions--even if you're located in an apartment complex.


Rated 5 Stars on all Platforms.

"James was all of the following, and more so than anyone else I've used for *any service* (not just cars or cleaning) in a very very long time. 1. thorough 2. skilled 3. courteous 4. affordable 5. punctual 6. professional my car looks like a new car. I am planning to hire him for this service at least twice a year from now on."

-Kristen A.

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We'll Help you Rediscover that New Car Feel.
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