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You and your car deserve the best.

perfectionistic approach.


Top Notch

The Dawson's Difference

From brake dust, dirt, tar, bugs and road salt, our vehicles are always exposed to grime. Not only are these things unsightly, but are harmful to your vehicle, accelerating corrosion. Improper washing techniques are the easy way out; but a short term benefit for a long term loss, scratching your car's thin paint. We make sure every car that we work on is detailed safely, effectively, and then protected against the elements. 


Unparalleled Results

We have years of experience delivering top-notch results to hundreds of customers in the area. We sweat the little things, such as the sun visor mirrors, waxing the inside of the gas cap, cleaning not just the wheel faces, not just the wheel barrels, but also the brake calipers and behind the wheel spokes. The list goes on, but all those little things add up to give you a spectacular end result, that new car feel and sets us far above your average detail.


Proper Techniques + Quality Products

Proper washing techniques—even on basic washes—are used on every car we do, despite being more difficult. Your car’s paint is incredibly thin and fragile, about the thickness of 4 sheets of paper. By taking shortcuts during the process, others are jeopardizing the integrity of your car’s paint, scratching it in the process. Likewise, we never skimp on the products we use. Cheap soaps don’t provide sufficient lubrication during the wash, cheap interior cleaners degrade interior plastics, cheap waxes don’t last long or gloss well. 

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Going the Extra Mile 

Literally and figuratively: We're mobile, so no need to worry about the logistics of getting your car to and from a shop. Getting your car detailed by us is a breeze, as it should be, from getting a quote, setting up an appointment, to enjoying your like-new ride. Please do not hesitate to write us with any questions. We're happy to help.

We put effort in where others won't, to deliver you results others can't.

in short...


Kiersten A.

"James was all of the following, and more so than anyone else I've used for *any service* (not just cars or cleaning) in a very very long time. 1. thorough 2. skilled 3. courteous 4. affordable 5. punctual 6. professional my car looks like a new car. I am planning to hire him for this service at least twice a year from now on."

Serving the Washington D.C. area, Maryland and Virginia.


 Getting your car detailed should be a stress free experience. It should be something you look forward to, and that means a seamless experience from the initial inquiry to the final reveal. We serve a large area; not sure if we come to you? Just reach out with your zip code and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Access to an electricity outlet and a spigot is preferable, but not required. Feel free to contact us with questions--even if you're located in an apartment complex!

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Not Your Average Detail
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