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No matter the age of your car, it needs a MatMate.

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  • Durable, sleek construction protects your mats from previously inevitable heel wear spots

  • Low profile design looks great and is undetectable when driving

  • Strong, residue-free adhesive. 30 second installation.

  • Fits any make, any model, any year of car. 

  • Complements OEM and after-market mats beautifully

  • Patent Pending Design. Made in the USA

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Heel-wear spots develop on new cars after just a few weeks.

MatMate prevents them altogether.

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If you can, vacuum your floor mat. The cleaner it is, the better the adhesion will be. If you don’t have a vacuum, shake out the floor mat’s debris outside the car. 

Without removing the adhesive backing, place the MatMate where you think your heel goes. Sit in the driver’s seat and test to see if the placement is right. Your heel should be able to easily pivot from the brake to the accelerator with no interference. Your heel should be roughly the middle of the MatMate. Make sure it feels right and pivot your foot several times. Be careful not to slide the MatMate forwards as you do this, as the sticky adhesive is not exposed yet. Adjust as needed. Keep in mind the adhesive is strongest when its brand new, so getting the fitment right from the start is ensures best results.

Once you’re sure of the placement being correct, lift one side and peel off the backing, while keeping other edge in place. Then lower and press firmly for 10 seconds. Peel only the green patterned backing.

Test fitment again. If steps were followed correctly, you will not feel the MatMate while driving at all. 

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